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We are here to Eliminate you termite problems. Our business provides the most effective termite control services in illawarra. Da Terminator Pest Control understands the impact termites can have on our homes and business’s . Our aim is to reduce your distress as quick as possible with our advanced termite control services. Termites can damage properties and must be dealt with immediately otherwise it can be quiet costly. Rest assured our termite management team are here to help you have a termite free house or business. Da Terminator – let us take Control. Contact Da Terminator Pest Control now.

Termite Baiting and Monitoring Stations

Termite Baiting is the most effective way to eliminate a colony. Once termites start to feed on bait its only a matter of time before the colony is eliminated. Once Da Terminator Pest Control has eliminated colony we can then in most houses install Termite Monitoring stations. This is a more environment-friendly way to manage any future issues that may arise.

Termite Control

We use many systems so ask our friendly staff for more info.

Systems we use: Exterra, Sentricon, Nemesis

Affordable Termite inspections and Chemical Treatment Prices

Affordable Termite Control Inspection Best Termite Control detection device

Affordable price is what Da Terminator pest Control is aiming to provide. We understand that its quite shocking to find out you have termites damaging your property. Keeping our prices low is our aim. Da Terminator Pest Control offers Inspections to find out the extent of infestations, we will then find the most cost effective way to solve your termite problem. We are professional, punctual and take pride in out work. Our revisits are impressively at no extra charge!

One of the main chemicals we use is ‘Termite’, which is the most popular as it is not only a repellent but it works off ‘transfer’. Termites will pass on the chemical through ‘transfer’ during feeding and Grooming etc.


Termite Inspections are a must for every family, Australian standards recommend that we get the building checked every 12 months for this reason we use a moisture meter inside the building and if there is a high moisture reading we use Termite Radar Detection Unit called Termatrac.

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Sentricon with Always Active Nemesis Termite Bait System

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